41206a708cfb3bb35009d390e479f403Barbara Lilley is an independent Real Estate Broker, with years of experience in all aspects of the Real Estate Industry, in Florida, including but not limited to the representation of buyers and sellers in a traditional, short sale, or REO disposition transaction. She is also well versed in the purchase, rehab and management of investment properties, and has done extensive bird-dogging for investors, Hedge Funds, REITS and International buyers.

Barbara’s ability to offer great customer service, and to communicate openly, freely, and persistently with all sides of the transaction has resulted in a high success rate of quick, efficient closings, regardless of it being a short sale, REO or financed purchase and sale. Having a firm understanding of the Lender’s requirements for short sale approvals, as well as the requirements for financing, whether it be conventional, FHA, or Government Grant Programs, is the “KEY” to her success.

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