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Energy Efficient Green Building

NexGen specializes in design, engineering and building of light gauge steel construction for the residential and commercial markets. With its patented Steel Thermal Insulated Panel (STIP) X4 Wall System technology NexGen is able to offer a cost effective sustainable green solution which provides unparalleled superior performance, energy efficiency, strength, durability and other benefits compared to traditional building technologies and methods.

The NexGen Framing System is unique among the modern steel building manufacturers across the world. We custom manufacture steel thermal insulated frames for the building envelope, cold formed steel truss systems for roof and floor construction, and cold formed steel wall panels for interior framing.

With their innovative green technology, we can reduce the amount of labor, resources, and job site waste more than some of our competitors. This helps to reduce greenhouse emissions and continue to make our world a better place!

Domotics & Home Automation (aka Smart Home)

As the smart house evolves, so, too, do the words we use to describe it. Most generally, home automation and home technology have been the early descriptors. Smart home automation has derived from those terms.

A smart house is a home that has highly advanced, automated systems to control and monitor any function of a house; lighting, temperature control, multi-media, security, window and door operations, air quality, or any other task of necessity or comfort performed by a home’s resident. With the rise of wireless computerization, remote-controlled devices are becoming smart just-in-time. Today, it’s possible to pin a programmed chip onto any occupant and have systems adjust as a person passes by and through a smart house.

A smart home appears “intelligent” because its computer systems can monitor so many aspects of daily living. For example, the refrigerator may be able to inventory its contents, suggest menus and shopping lists, recommend healthy alternatives, and even routinely order groceries. The smart home systems might even ensure a continuously cleaned cat litter box or a house plant that is forever watered.

We can use a variety of different systems manufactured by the likes of Crestron, Control4, and Savant as they are the leading companies in the home automation industry.

Other Available Options


Grottos and Stone Work are done by Artistic Stone co.

Office Garage


14’ garage opening for the storage and safe keeping of trailers, boats trucks and RV’s.